The Science

The Science of Subtle Energies

Although much is already known about different energies that help spiritual growth, openness of consciousness and healing, the human mind still needs to have scientific foundations in order to accept it.

Here is a short explanation about these energies and frequencies:

The nature of the influence of music on a person is identical to the nature of the influence it has on the world of things and events, because vibration is the basis of everything. The frequency of the vibrations of the subatomic particles is very high and the waves in the center of the subatomic nucleus move faster. The vibrations of all radiant energies could be regulated such as: radio waves, heat, light, X-rays, etc. In this context, the electromagnetic spectrum contains more than 80 known octaves and visible light is only one Small part of this range.

Electromagnetic waves like acoustic waves in music have their own harmonic high tones and there is some kind of octave principle, that is, doubling the frequency. The norms of music and harmony applied to electromagnetism provide splendid results. For all this Nikola Tesla used Herman Helmholtz’s works on sound in his electric resonators.

We can affirm that all the animated beings oscillate, vibrate and change the rhythms. Even the simplest unicellular organism is in a complex oscillatory state. All movements at the subatomic, atomic, molecular, subcellular and cellular levels are coordinated. In an organism like that of the human being, it is very difficult, even impossible, to determine the corresponding parameters. Our internal rhythms are closely connected to each other and coordinate with the external world. The physical part of a person and the states of the astral plane change to the rhythm of the movement of the Earth around the Sun, the ebb and flow of the tides, the change of day and night and many other cosmic rhythms. When this coordination of rhythms in organisms does not occur, discomfort and even the feeling of a disease appear.

Our physical body serves as an exponent of our inner rhythm that guides us (the heart rate) and at the same time, it is our individual brand in the Cosmos. The essence of the so-called «Subtle Body» has an electromagnetic material base. The life of each of us has a certain rhythmic pattern, which includes physical death and preserves an extracorporeal experience of the spirit, which must be reincarnated.

It is believed that the so-called «Schumann waves» play a role in the telepathic transmission of images and thoughts. These are 7.8 Hz frequency waves and form a field of standing waves in the space between the ionosphere and the Earth’s surface. It is our natural electromagnetic layer, which can be clearly perceived on the seashore or in the forest, because the sea and forests absorb other harmful frequencies. It may happen that a brain enters the state of resonance with some external structure; as a consequence your image will appear at a certain distance; that is, there is a contact through resonance, but not through radiation. Since these waves have a large length (38,000 km), the transmission takes place immediately. Waves with such a low frequency cannot be examined with the usual measurement systems. In fact, the waves of an organism often enter the same phase with these waves (resonance).

Instead, Tesla Waves have a quantum load. In addition to being different in terms of the amount of frequency, they also differ in energy structure and form. They are energetic vibrations with a richer multidimensional form. In our quasi-real space that we define with a dimension of time and three of space, we are not able to perceive it; We can only see its own shadow, or in the form of electromagnetic waves that expand in a somewhat strange way, or in the form of longitudinal waves, or in some anomalies in gravitation. In fact they are all together, but we have no words that can express all these complex aspects of the Tesla Waves.

According to existing research, which reveals the energy generated in the pyramids of Egypt and other parts of the world, in my opinion, the famous “Tesla coil” is nothing more than a modern version of these pyramids.
In both cases we can see that this energy has a quantum load and that modern physics classifies them as «Tachyonic Energy». The Egyptian Priests knew how to use this energy for different applications, one of them the opening of consciousness. At the Horus school, the initiates became familiar with this Tachyonic Energy to open their consciousness.

The Tesla Coil generates changes in the Biofield.

The violet or purple color generated by the Tesla Amplifier with the “Extra Coil” represents energies that are beneficial to humans, that is, they have healing effects on the human organism.

With Tesla Healing 369® the Practitioner adopts the function of the Tesla Coil.



as the key to multidimensional existence

There is no end
There is no START
The end is the beginning
Alpha = Omega

Humans accumulate vital energy in the root energy center, which is located at the base of the spine. The rise of Kundalini Energy is the mechanism of energy transfer of the human etheric body. The three parts of the Kundalini Energy flow that goes up the spine include the most important vibrating centers of the human organism: the ROOT, the HEART and the DIAMOND OF THE MIND.
The SUN as a vital energy source of the planetary bodies of the solar system, acts as a root center in the mechanism that is similar to the mechanism of Kundalini Energy transfer in humans. The three important vibratory centers involved in the ascension of the Kundalini Energy of the Solar Logo are the Sun (CHAKRA ROOT), the Magnetospheric Reconnection of the Earth (CHAKRA HEART), and the bipolar magnetic field that acts as the Diamond of the Mind of the Ánima Mundi.
Solar wind is a mechanism of energy transmission, similar to the rise of electrical impulses through the human spinal cord.

The Body of Christ – The Noosphere
Free energy for all humans as GODS
All electrical circuits impregnated by GOD
Infinite Series of Tesla Coils

The SUN = Source
Magnetospheric Reconnection = Air gap (heart vibration starter timer)
Van Allen belt = Condenser (storage)
Earth’s Magnetic Field Lines, Law Lines = Primary Transmitters
Humans = Secondary Coils

Observations of Doctor William A. Tiller
Professor emeritus of Stanford University

Observations in different scientific trials

“In 1970 I was head of the department at Stanford and I committed myself very seriously to the study of psychoenergetic science combining it with my usual field. I have written four books on this subject.

… The point is really information medicine, which is beyond energy medicine and is in turn beyond chemical medicine. Chemical medicine is what we have had in the past, but we realize that – the simple metaphor is – if we put bacteria in a glass of water and add colloidal silver particles, the bacteria will die. People believed that this was due to contact and that led to chemical medicine.

… However, if it has the same experimental configuration unless silver puts it in electrodes in a fluorescent tube and focuses the light towards the vessel, the bacteria will also die; which leads us to energy medicine. In addition, we have realized that if in the same room you have the glass with the bacteria in water and connect it to an Electronic Instrument with Printed Intention, then the bacteria will die right away. This is really the information that has been exchanged. And that leads us to information medicine.

… There are many energies related to light. There is of course, electromagnetic light, which everyone knows. The most coarse level of the human body is all electromagnetic energy. Therefore, you can use light as used in energy medicine to heal the body systematically, especially at acupuncture points.

… Or it can go to a higher level … magnetoelectric energy, which is also similar to light. And in all these higher dimensional levels there is a light that is the communicator between the aspects of substance in that level of being.

… I have observed that we are always radiating and receiving many other frequencies from others, and the only frequency that our current science knows is electromagnetic. The higher dimensional frequencies cannot be measured because the instruments we have are designed for the electrical level of the atom – the reality molecule; therefore, restricted to slower radiation or equal to the speed of electromagnetic light.

… However, in the frame of reference that I have used in the experiments that I have carried out for 35 years and that other people have also done, many of these [energies], I think, travel faster than the speed of light and therefore we cannot access them through conventional instruments.

… We have also developed an instrument with which we can now access higher dimensional levels of reality. It’s only the beginning, but at least we can have a first contact. This is very important, since we can begin to observe the space in which healers work and explain the level of efficiency of doing so at the energy level, in terms of the quantitative measurability of that particular space. ”

Measurements with Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography is capable of measuring the phenomenon of subtle energies and the multidimensional reality of the human being.

By exposing any living or inanimate body to a certain electromagnetic field, it resonates with subtle energies, leaving the energy fields embodied in a common photographic film.

As can be seen in the image, the light halo, taken before the treatment, has a varied and interrupted color. After taking a session of Tesla Healing 369®, the halo was completed and grew in volume, with a predominance of color, blue and purple.

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