Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, a brilliant mind

In one way or another, we almost all know who Nikola Tesla was and the large number of discoveries and inventions he made, material that can be found on many websites. That is why it is not time to overwhelm with the history of this great Croatian Inventor who left us with many and very good bases to go through this current era.

One of many discoveries is the Free Energy that has been talked about a lot, but what Tesla really meant was not interpreted. While it is known that he was always in favor of transmitting energy to everyone for free, he was also in contact with the subtle energy that is present throughout the Universe and that we can all make use of, having the basis of how to apply it, but from that, very little information reaches the common people.

After meeting Swami Vivekananda in 1893, he devoted much of his life to be able to demonstrate that the Akasha and Prana, of which the Vedas spoke, had similar concepts in Western science, such as space and energy respectively.

That is why here I will only elaborate on that subtle free energy that Tesla discovered and that some know how to manipulate for the growth and openness of the consciousness of humanity.

In order to understand it better, here some interesting fragments extracted from some of his books and publications:

…»Even the matter we call inorganic, which is believed to be dead, responds to irritation and provides us with unequivocal evidence of carrying within a vital principle … The energy that makes the universe work directs life … So everything that exists , whether alive or dead, lively or inert, is susceptible to outside stimulation. There is no gap, no interruption in continuity, no outstanding or special vital agent. ” (How Cosmic Forces Shape Our Destinies ”by Nikola Tesla – February 1915)

…“But who can doubt today that all the millions of individuals and all kinds of people constitute an entity, a whole? Although we think and act freely, we are all one, like the stars in the sky that hold us together. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them. If I cut my finger, it hurts; The finger is part of me. I see a friend who suffers and I also suffer: my friend and I are one. And now I see an afflicted enemy, a mass of matter that, of all the mass of matter in the universe, is the one that matters least to me, but it still grieves me. Doesn’t this prove that each of us is only part of the whole? ”
(The Problem of Increasing Human Energy – Nikola Tesla – edited June 1900)

…“It appears in everything we perceive – in the movement of the planets, when the tide rises or falls, in the reverberations of the air, the swinging of a pendulum, the oscillations of the electric current, and in an infinity of phenomena of life human Isn’t humanity witnessing it? The birth, growth, aging and death of an individual, family, race or nation, what is it but a rhythm? ”
(The Problem of Increasing Human Energy – Nikola Tesla – edited June 1900)

… “However, man is not an ordinary matter, which consists of atoms and molecules that spin and only contain energy in the form of heat. It is a matter that has certain high faculties that have endowed us with the evolutionary principles of life. The matter of man, like the water of the ocean, constantly changes, the new replaces the old. In addition, it grows, reproduces and dies, so that it modifies its matter, both in volume and density. The most surprising of all is that it is capable of increasing or reducing the speed of movement through a mysterious ability that has to use more or less energy from other substances and convert it into motivating energy. ” (The Problem of Increasing Human Energy – Nikola Tesla – edited June 1900)

…“We should all consider our body as a gift that has no price that is loved above all, as a wonderful work of art, of inexplicable beauty and that goes beyond the limits of human understanding; and so delicate and fragile that a word, a breath, a look, a no, a thought, can hurt him. ” (The Problem of Increasing Human Energy – Nikola Tesla – edited June 1900)

…Where does all the motivational force come from? What is the source that drives everything? We perceive how the ocean rises and falls, how the river flows, the wind, the rain, the hail and the snow hit the window, the train and the steamboats come and go; we hear the noise of the carriages at high speed, the voices of the street; we feel, smell and taste; And we think about all that. And all that movement that emerges from the powerful oceans until we reach the subtle movements of our thinking has only one common cause. All this force comes from a single center, from a single source – the sun. The sun is the source of everything. The sun maintains the lives of humans and provides all the energy. ” (The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With The Special Reference To The Harnessing of The Sun’s Energy – Nikola Tesla)

…»The day science begins to investigate paranormal phenomena, more progress will be made in a decade than in all the centuries prior to its existence.» (My Inventions: the autobiography of Nikola Tesla – year 1919)

…“There he appears as a fully developed being, Man, with mysterious, inscrutable and irresistible longings: to imitate nature, to create, to conceive the wonders he perceives… A long time ago man recognized that all perceivable matter comes from a primary substance that he cannot understand, filling the entire space, the Akasha or light ether, which acts on the Prana, the force that provides life or the creative force, giving life in infinite cycles to all things and phenomena. Primary substances, thrown into infinitesimal spirals at a prodigious speed, become gross matter; the force decreases, the movement ceases and matter disappears, returning to the primary substance. ” (My Inventions: the autobiography of Nikola Tesla – year 1919)

Following the belief that the Universe is alive and that people are «automatons» in part, that they act according to the Creator’s plans; Tesla created an original theory of memory. He considered that the human brain does not have the ability to remember in the way we consider it to do (biochemically or rather biophysically) and memory is only a reaction of the human brain from a recurring external irritating factor (Biofield?) . In fact, it is unusual that Tesla, with a very good memory (spoke seven or eight languages) and a very sharp imagination, was sure that human memory did not exist. It is more remarkable that the author of a few hundred scientific discoveries did not consider that it was his creations and his own merits and that he affirmed with such assurance that he was only a conductor of ideas, which came from the world of ideas for the practical world and of the people.

It is said that Tesla had a very developed mind and with paranormal abilities.
Many rumors spread around this curious character, reaching the point of ensuring that it did not belong to our planet, to explain the mind so complex and bright that the inventor had. Those close to Tesla have assured that they saw him working 150 hours in a row, and that he only slept 3 hours per day.

Beyond its eccentricities, Tesla never lost his lucidity, and his intelligence transported humanity to a new scientific world, with inventions that have not been able to match today.

Thanks to the discovery of these frequencies within the Free Energy, today we can enjoy this form of Healing, Inner Growth and Opening of Consciousness with TESLA HEALING 369®.

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