Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is Tesla Healing 369® a therapy?
Tesla Healing 369® is not a therapy, it does not «treat» any particular symptoms or illness as therapies or techniques that are unique to certain discomforts do. Tesla Healing 369® is a method to rehabilitate our Original Balance. It produces balance in all the bodies of the Being so that it achieves its healing. The Tesla Healing 369® Practitioner does not put intention or expectations, he simply directs the energies and frequencies for the well-being of his Client.

Should we believe in the method to make it work?
Experience tells us that skeptics improve earlier than those who have a lot of faith. The former expect nothing and the latter create expectations, which slow their own evolution. The Universe respects our creations to the fullest. That’s why I recommend that when you surrender to a Tesla Healing 369® session, you allow yourself to enjoy the experience. Expectations are always a problem. In a Session you are very aware of what is happening and observe the processes that are happening in your body and in your mind. This is something simply extraordinary.

How many sessions should I take to feel the effect?
Generally 3 sessions are enough. There are people whom with one or two sessions achieve amazing results, others instead require a third session. This is because not everyone is equal. It is advisable to take the 3 sessions to be sure that the Energy and its Frequencies have permeated the whole Being to achieve the balance of all bodies.

How much time must pass between sessions of Tesla Healing 369®?
The minimum recommended is to spend one night between sessions. This is enough for deep action. In the case of a person with various discomforts, it is recommended to take all 3 sessions on 3 consecutive days.
For those who wish to obtain Tesla Healing 369® to achieve greater awareness, 15 days can be allowed between sessions. Even after having received the 3 Sessions, the activity of the Frequencies, continues to act on the person and manifests healing in several areas. The maximum time that can pass between one session and the other is 21 days, if we want the 3 sessions to accumulate their energy for a faster and safer result.

How long does a session of Tesla Healing 369® take?
A session lasts about 30 minutes on the stretcher. And a few minutes later for the client to return to their usual reality comfortably and share their experience (if desired). In total, between a brief explanation before starting, the energy work on the stretcher and the exchange of experiences later, can last between 50 and 60 minutes.

The Tesla Healing 369® sessions for how long do they work?
It depends on each person. In each case it is different. Tesla Healing 369® sessions are useful to start the process, connect with the new vibration available and observe the reactions. You can receive as many sessions as you want throughout life.

What does it feel like during a session?
It is different in each case and difficult to predict. Let yourself be surprised. Feelings, images, colors, smells and all kinds of perceptions and sensations can flow during the sessions, and also after the sessions. Curious physical sensations, records, «impossible» spatial perceptions. Very interesting.
There are also people who notice absolutely nothing during the sessions; The Process is still going on. What is perceived has to do with the awakening of the subconscious and the perception of more dimensions.

What happens to diseases and blockages of all kinds that I suffer now?
Sessions with Tesla Healing 369® launch the most powerful self-healing mechanism of the person. The order is not predictable. Some happen spontaneously, others arrive gradually, some time later.
Tesla Healing 369® has helped heal tumors, AIDS-related diseases, depression, stress, addictions and countless diseases and pains. On an emotional and spiritual level it has helped to give a new meaning in life and to provide balance and harmony.

How do you get this energy on the strecher?
The client is dressed, just takes off his shoes, for hygiene reasons, and gets as comfortable as he wants.

How can I make sure I receive the sessions remotely?
The Tesla Healing 369 method of the Quantum Field® that is used when the Client and the Practitioner are in different places, provides total security, since the Practitioner, once the appointment is arranged, will call the Client by phone to notify him that the Time of appointment has come and that he is ready to take the Session forward. The Client will then be comfortable where he likes is and the next half hour the Practitioner does his work with Tesla Healing 369 of the Quantum Field®. After the Session, the Practitioner calls his Client again to notify him that he has already finished and the Client can comment on his experiences observed during the Session.

What kind of people seek to receive this energy from Tesla Healing 369®?
Any person with any level of consciousness that chooses to receive the energy and frequencies of Tesla Healing 369®, deserves to receive it. Tesla Healing 369® does not focus on curing diseases or symptoms; The person is the one who heals. Therefore, beyond sick people interested in this special vibration, they seek to come into contact with this unique energy, people in the process of conscious personal transformation.
Many times there are miraculous results, which are nothing more than results that Science cannot yet explain with its great limitations.

What results can I expect?
You can immediately experience that an unstoppable and extraordinary process has been launched. It expands your vision and your awareness.
The relationship with your body begins to change. And your body is also modified. Also with your environment there is a new relationship.
Your mind is activated, it is faster, more lucid, more intuitive.
It can give relief from symptoms and physical imbalances. And you connect with the mystery of something bigger. Something that nourishes you deeply naturally and effortlessly.
No two processes are the same. Since we are all unique, the process manifests itself differently in each person.
In the coming weeks and months, notes that work differently at all levels.

What do I do with the treatments and medication my doctor has prescribed?
We already explained that Tesla Healing 369® is not a therapy, and therefore fully compatible, integrative, complementary and potentiating any type of existing treatment. The self-healing process is started with the first session.
It is very likely that the medication acts better on you and that over time the doctor decreases or withdraws the drugs. In any case, it is not the function of the Tesla Healing 369® Practitioner to recommend prescriptions of doctors, homeopaths, etc.
The responsibility of taking or not taking the medications prescribed by doctors is solely the responsibility of the client.

Can it be received in any situation?
Tesla Healing 369® is totally pregnancy friendly. Both mother and baby receive energy and frequencies, which is a double Blessing.
People in agony or who have been evicted can receive the sessions. In many cases there has been a significant improvement in a very short time and in other cases, family members reported an agony without suffering from those who have received the sessions, showing a happy face when leaving.

Will there be no more diseases for me after a Tesla Healing 369® session?
The process of self-healing that is activated will act as preventive medicine. In this case you will probably be sick less times and heal faster. The Human Being needs illnesses from time to time to evolve. The subconscious will warn you of illnesses in time and will put you on the most appropriate healing path.

Do sensory perceptions improve with this energy?
Those who went through this unique experience of Tesla Healing 369®, notice improvements in their hearing, sight, smell, etc. It usually increases the view ‘panoramic’. We recover the intuitive «animal» wisdom, that attention to the most subtle animals have. Upon regaining our balance or Original Balance, the fine instinct of survival returns with it.

What are the differences between Reiki and Tesla Healing 369®?
In Reiki, the practitioner transmits his vital energy to the recipient, to make the cystic vital energy of the patient flows again. Reiki is a Japanese spiritual practice that uses symbols and in some cases, the practitioner rests his hands on the client or recipient’s body.
On the other hand, with Tesla Healing 369® the Practitioner does not touch his Client at any time. Although he uses his hands to order the energy that comes from the Source, through the generation of vortices, we have discovered that it works better the further the Practitioner (Transmitter) moves away from the Client (Receiver).
Therefore, we can achieve better results with Tesla Healing 369®, than with Reiki, since the vibration of the tachyonic energy is considerably higher and spreads faster.

Why does Tesla Healing 369® have the vibration of Love?
As the scientists of Quantum Physics have proven, Tachyonic Energy is the energy of thought, when it vibrates in the high frequency of love. The Master Jesus used the Tachyonic Energy to perform his healings, which we call «Miracles.»
With Tesla Healing 369® we are constantly connected to our Heart Point, having thoughts of high vibration equivalent to Universal Love.

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